Gold Colors

Depending on the gold being mixed with other metals, it gives differnt colors to the gold. Generally this types of color gold is used in making jewelry.

1) White Gold: For gold to take a white color, it must be mixed with a white metal such as nickel, manganese or palladium. Standard White gold is usually 14K of gold (58.5% purity) while the rest is divided as 21% copper, 7.84% zinc, and 12.73% palladium. and White gold can often be rhodium plated to give it a more shiny and white appearance.

2) Rose Gold or Pink Gold : Gold can take these colors when mixed with copper. The more copper in the alloy, the darker the tone of red that will surface. A common rose gold alloy composition is 18K (75% gold) mixed with 25% copper.

3) Purple Gold : When 80% gold is mixed with 20% aluminum, it makes purple gold color. This type of gold rarely used in jewelry. IN Singapore, you can see many jewelry made with Purple Gold.